Global School Access, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a premier international education organization promoting culture exchange while offering exceptional service, high-caliber academic opportunities, and a comprehensive system of care for our students. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, expertise, expedited services, attentiveness, and trusted partnerships/relationships with all parties involved. We’re here to help our students succeed and hold the deepest respect for them as they embark on the journey to becoming the next generation of innovative thinkers and culturally sensitive, responsible, and competent individuals, who are guided by a moral compass and who are becoming contributors in our global society.


GSA provides a selection of schools in the United States and Canada that offer students the opportunity to grow personally, academically, and socially, and to help prepare them for college. GSA gets to know the students through face-to-face or video meetings, so the appropriate schools can be considered by the student’s family, and provides a great deal of support during the application and enrollment process. GSA stays in contact with students to ensure they are happy and successful, and monitors grades, arranging for additional academic support if necessary. Reports on the student’s progress are provided to the student’s family throughout the school year. GSA provides an orientation prior to student arrival to help prepare for the transition to a new country, culture, and education system, arranges for medical insurance and airport pickups/drop-offs, can assist with college counseling and advising, and is continuously available for support. Students learn a great deal about American culture and the U.S. education system, and GSA asks its students to share their own culture and traditions in order to educate their classmates, host family, and community.


GSA partners with academically rigorous schools in safe areas that teach values, offer many outside activities, and prepare students for college and the college-application process. GSA partners with about 75 schools across America and additional schools in Canada.


If the school is not a boarding school, GSA identifies host families who desire a cross-cultural experience and who would be the right fit for the student. GSA takes steps to ensure a safe and welcoming environment, and stays in contact with the host families to ensure the experience is rewarding and provides support if necessary. Living arrangements are a tremendous source of learning, understanding, and exposure to local culture, as well as opportunities for new, different, and exciting experiences. 

Why U.S. Education

Today’s global society demands a well-rounded and well-educated citizen. Experiencing other cultures while understanding the importance of global citizenship leads to greater understanding, strong and lasting relationships, and future success. Students are well prepared to apply to excellent colleges and universities during the years they are working with GSA and attending GSA schools. The academic environment at our partner schools promotes leadership, creativity, self-confidence, collaboration and team-building, and innovation, all critical elements

to success and important when colleges make decisions regarding acceptance. Schools also offer many extracurricular activities including clubs and sports, allowing students to pursue their interests and passions.



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